Monday, March 29, 2010

Rhett & Link

Peace and Blessings,

Now you know whenever I come across an interesting video, I must share with you beautiful people.

I came across Rhett & Link's video.

Rhett & Link are comedians who are well-known for their clever videos. 

They call themselves "Internetainers"

Well, check this video out because it's AMAZING!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Art Around the World: Slovakian Graffiti

When you see graffiti on the street, do you immediately think of:
A bad neighborhood?
Scribble on the wall?

I wouldn't be surprised if many people today thought this way. But graffiti is actually a beautiful form of visual art that has often been misunderstood from its beginning. In fact, graffiti is considered one of the four elements of hip hop (along with emceeing, DJing and B-Boying) and has been the visuals for all things hip hop on .... all things! From trains, to walls, to paper, to public property graffiti has made its mark and has spread all over the world.

One country in particular has embraced the old-school form of visual hip hop the most, Slovakia. With spray cans, markers, inks and scratches some beautiful & intricate works of art have been created on both illegal and legal spaces.

Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself

& Check out this video of the 2009 Slovakian Graffiti Jam (( fast foward to the 4:25 mark))

"You never thought hip hop would take it this far" - Notorious B.I.G.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Young Diggy

So I came across Diggy Simmons (son of Reverend Run from Run DMC) video.

I told my home boy about the video and he checked it out and said he doesn't believe he wrote those lyrics. Well, whether he wrote it or not, Diggy is doing thing as a young rapper/fashionisto.

Check him out and be the judge:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tomorrow's Talent- Poetry

Sarah Myanda

Wings Of Art had the pleasure in interviewing the lovely Sarah Myanda, the b-ball poet. Yes guys! She has b-ball and lyrical skills. 

Sarah is orignally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but came to NY at the age of 8. She found her love with Spalding, which lead her to earn a basketball scholarship to Stony Brook University. She will be graduating this May in receiving a Bachelors in Journalism in becoming a broadcast sports journalist.   

Check out my interview with Sarah:

1How or when did you discover your craft (poetry)?

I've been writing poetry since I could understand the power of words. My mother kind of forced my siblings and I into developing a love for reading and writing, saying that it would help us learn English quicker and do better in the classroom. That led to me writing my own short stories and eventually writing poems.  I wrote my first real poem in seventh grade I think. It was about some boy I was crushing on at the time, lol. I'm not really an artist or a poet, I just write. 

2. What kind of topics/issues do you talk about in your poems?

I write about things I feel, either directly or indirectly. I've written pieces on love, Africa, abortion, heartache, bliss, trust and a bunch of other things. If an emotion arises when a certain topic is discussed, then it's something to write about. Anything can trigger a poem.

3. How has poetry help you in your life?

It has given me a means of self expression. Where I'm from, it's easy to turn to the natural vices, like sex, drugs and violence. I just pick up a pen and write my heart out. It's therapy.

4. What's a saying, motto, or phrase you live by?

Too many come to mind, but definitely 2 Corinthians 9:6. You get out what you put in. Always. Hard work pays off.

5. If you could predict 5 or 10 years from now. Where do you or would like to see ART- whether it's poetry, painting, dancing, etc?

I want it accessible to anyone that seeks it. It shouldn't be limited to those who can afford it, or have the time and resources to invest in it. Art programs are being cut all across the board. With the economy's current state, the problem is worsening. I just want people who crave art to be able to get it, regardless of their social standing or other factors. I also want it be be as valued as math or science, instead of being classified as an extracurricular activity or a luxury. For kids growing up in this day and age, I definitely think art, in any form, is extremely important. I should be treated as such.

6. What would you say to the shy/quiet boy or girl out there, whose afraid to pursue their DREAMS?
Believe in your vision. Hope trumps fear. Develop a plan and chase your dreams like the alarm clock went off too soon. Seek advice. Be willing to learn and work extremely hard. Don't let your fear keep you from doing something your're passionate about.
7. What does the future hold for Sarah? 

ESPN. My ultimate goal is to work for ESPN, either as a producer or a general assignment reporter. It fuses my two loves, journalism and sports. I'll be in grad school in the fall, pursuing a M.A. in Journalism. We'll see where I go from there. As far as poetry goes, I'll keep writing and performing on welcoming stages. 

WOA thanks Sarah for taking the time out to be interviewed and I hope you guys appreciate her story, but I couldn't let you leave without hearing some knowledge from her.

Here's Sarah with her poem "Literature":

Monday, March 8, 2010

WOA at Stonybrook

Peace to all,

If you remember, I had mentioned that Wings Of Art was invited to speak at Stonybrook University about the ARTS. Well, since you couldn't be there to's the video.

Wings of Art gets invited to Stony Brook University from Wings Of Art on Vimeo.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Hey artistic beings,

I came across this video and thought it was original, yet creative. For some of us we're caught up in the animation of music videos with a billion people in the video, but don't know who they are, or a bunch of half-naked girls shaking what they mama gave them.

Well, this video is from a group called "OK GO" they were the group who performed on treadmills. 

When watching this video I was amazed at how they used our everyday items in their music and video, yet it's still entertaining.

Check it out:

If you like "OK GO" you can check them out at:

Music Hall of Williamsburg
in Brooklyn
April 30, 2010 @ 8pm

Brooklyn Artist Gym

Peace and Blessings,

Thank goodness it's FRIDAY!

Today, I went out to Park Slope, Brooklyn to check out Brooklyn Artist Gym (BAG).
I met up with the founder of BAG whose a cool, down to earth guy. 

Brooklyn Artist Gym is a artist studio for painters, writers, and sculptors to have a space and freedom to be creative. Even though, BAG provides the space for artist to work on their masterpieces, they also have exhibits in their art gallery, workshops, figure drawing class, and many more events.

If you are passionate about your craft and are in need of a spot to be creative..check out BAG.

If you are interested in painting, drawing, writing, or seeing local art..check out BAG.

"We need to take care of our Tomorrow's TODAY"

Also, BAG is very much interested in working and helping young artist with their craft.

WOA approves

Talent does not discriminate

Many Blessings,

As you may know, Wings Of Art is all about the ARTS and the young talented artists out there who embrace their craft. 

But, I came across a video of this AMAZING 5 year old boy whose craft is dope! I mean when you think of a 5 year old and art, your probably think of coloring books or something. Ha! This boy makes my coloring skills look like amateur stuff..real talk!

Check this kid out:

Believe in your Craft

We are all TALENTED and GIFTED beings

Talent does not discriminate and this 5 year old is an example of it.