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Tomorrow's Talent- Olivia Corya

Tomorrow's Talent:

Olivia Corya

As many of you may know I had gone to Ghana, Africa this summer to volunteer and while there I met some amazing volunteers from around the world, including the lovely Olivia Corya. Olivia is a photojournalist who is a Junior at Indiana University majoring in Journalism, Spanish, and International studies.  During our time there, Olivia was capturing the Ghananian culture and people, as well as the volunteers and their experiences.

I had a chance to hang out with Olivia and what I loved her about her was how kind hearted she was and how passionate she was about her photography. There was rarely a moment you would see her without her camara. Even when your trying to have a conversation with her should would snap a picture because there was something about the way you talked or your facial expression that she had to capture.

Check out the interview:

1. When was the first time you picked up a camara?

When I was really little I guess around 7ish, I spent hours one day taking pictures of my tv screen when National Geographics was on. I'll waste rolls and rolls of film thinking I was a safari photographer getting these great shots of lions and dolphins in my living room. I was so disappointed when they came back from the photo lab and all the animals were obscured by huge white blobs where the flash had reflected!

2. How would you describe your photography?

In the photo world they talk a lot about discovering your personal "vision", which involves learning how to take a photo that makes people understand how you saw the subject (or in the case of non-journalism photography, how you felt about that subject) when you clicked the shutter. I'm definitely just beginning my long relationship with my camara and trying to find that vision. 

3. What's your goal with photography?

My obsession with making the world a better place consumes me every single day! I want to make Americans care more about the problems afflicting the rest of the world, and know more about the cultures thriving outside their own.

4. There are lots of inspiring artist who want to pursue their passion full-time, but fear being a "starving artist". What do you have to say about that and your craft?

I just know that for me, money could never bring one millionth of the happiness my photographs could bring me if I think they actually help improve other people's lives, which is my goal in documentary photography. Sometimes I get scared about not being able to afford healthcare, but other than that, I just genuinely believe I'll get enough fulfillment out of life with my camara in my hand and the stories I'll get to tell.

And I don't know too much about other art media, but I'm guessing that, like photography, there are ways to supplement your income if you really need it. I can always do wedding photography, for example, if I'm seriously low on money. There are probably ways in any field to do commerical work to sustain your long-term creative passions. 

5. It seems like you've been all around the world at such a young age. Where have you traveled? Is there a country that your dying to visit?

I've been lucky enough to go to Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, France, India, and Ghana. And my step brothers and sisters live in Scotland, so my family goes there pretty frequently to visit them. 

I was actually destined for Thailand this summer, but ended up going to Ghana at the last minute because of the escalating violence in Bangkok with the Red Shirt protests. I'd still absolutely love to go there. 
5. Who or what would you like to photograph, whether it's past, present, or future? and why?

Everyone and Everywhere! You know you're on the career-track that's right for you when you get off work and can't wait to go do more of the same thing for free. 

6. Do you consider photography an ART?

I think photography CAN be art, of course, and I have great respect for fine art photographers, but that's not really interests me. While I want my photos to be beautiful and poignant like "art" photography can be, a blank wall and a picture frame in someone's house obviously wouldn't be an appropiate context in which to place a photograph of a war refugee, for example. 

7. What does the future hold for Olivia?

Quoting myself, I "want to spend my life making photographs that elevate the dignity and well-being of my 6.8 billion neighbors." Basically, I want to work internationally on documentary photo/video projects. I'll probably start out in Latin America, because that's my "regional concentration" in my international studies major, but I'd like to go anywhere I think people's stories need to be told, which I guess is everywhere..haha

8.What's a motto, quote, or saying you live by?

I don't really repeat a "carpe diem" mantre to myself or anything. But something that's similar to a quote that I like thinking about is when one of my friends in Ghana asked his host mom how her day was, she replied "It was good...full of enjoyment." I thought it was simple and lovely, and it's a refreshing perspective when I get caught up in all the busy details of the day. 

WOA supports Olivia Corya

Cape Coast, Ghana
Cape Coast, Ghana

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VV Brown

VV Brown 

is a well known artist from Britain, whose trying to make a name for herself in the U.S.

She has the potential.

Check her out...

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Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love